CompoundsOrganic CompoundsL-tert-Leucine methyl ester hydrochloride CAS 63038-27-7

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L-tert-Leucine methyl ester hydrochloride

CAS 63038-27-7

Molecular Formula: C7H16ClNO2
Molecular Weight: 181.66
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L-tert-Leucine methyl ester hydrochloride CAS 63038-27-7 Product Information

Product Name: L-tert-Leucine methyl ester hydrochloride
Synonyms: (S)-Methyl2-amino-3,3-dimethylbutanoateHCl;L-tert-Leucinemethylesterhydrochloride>=99.0%(AT);3-dimethylbutanoatehydrochloride;L-Tert-LeucinemethylesterHydrochloridemethylestChemicalbookerhydrochloride;L-Tle-OMe·HCl;L-tert-butyl-leucinemethylesterhydrochloride;L-tert-Leucinemethylesterhydrochloride,≥99.0%;methyl(2S)-2-amino-3,3-dimethylbutanoatehydrochloride
CAS NO: 63038-27-7
EINECS: 613-136-6
Molecular Formula: C7H16ClNO2
Molecular Weight: 181.66
Melting Point: 183-186 °C
Storage: 2-8°C
Solubility: DMSO (Slightly), Methanol (Slightly), Water (Slightly)
Appearance: White solid

L-tert-Leucine methyl ester hydrochloride CAS 63038-27-7 Product Description

L-tert-Leucine methyl ester hydrochloride, identified by the CAS number 63038-27-7, is a compound derived from the amino acid leucine. The carboxylic acid group of leucine undergoes esterification with methanol, resulting in the formation of the methyl ester. Subsequently, it is reacted with hydrochloric acid to yield the hydrochloride salt. This chemical alteration enhances the solubility and stability of the substance, rendering it valuable for diverse applications, notably in the realm of organic synthesis.

The presence of the “L” in L-tert-Leucine methyl ester signifies that the molecule is in the L-configuration, which denotes the chirality associated with the inherent structure of amino acids in biological systems. The particular arrangement is crucial as it impacts the molecule’s interaction with biological systems and can influence its efficacy and selectivity in biochemical activities.

L-tert-Leucine methyl ester hydrochloride is mostly employed in peptide synthesis as an intermediary for incorporating the tert-leucine component into peptides. The tert-leucine component is remarkable for its capacity to augment the lipophilicity and metabolic stability of peptides. The compound’s methyl ester form, when paired with hydrochloride, facilitates its handling and integration into peptide chains during synthesis. This chemical is highly significant in the pharmaceutical sector for the development of peptide-based medications. Modifications like this can enhance therapeutic qualities such as absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion (ADME).

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