CompoundsOrganic Compounds1-BROMO-5-FLUOROPENTANE CAS 407-97-6

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CAS 407-97-6

Molecular Formula: C5H10BrF
Molecular Weight: 169.04
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1-BROMO-5-FLUOROPENTANE CAS 407-97-6 Product Information

1-BROMO-5-FLUOROPENTANE;5-FLUOROPENTYL BROMIDE;5-Fluoroamyl bromide;1-bromo-5-fluoropentane(SALTDATA: FREE);5-Fluoropentyl bromide, 5-Bromopentyl fluoride;Pentane,1-broMo-5-fluoro-;5-BroMopentyl fluoride;1-fluoro-5-broMopentane
Boiling point:
Sealed in dry,Room Temperature
Colorless liquid
Water Solubility:
Soluble in methanol (in methanol). Slightly soluble in water.

1-BROMO-5-FLUOROPENTANE CAS 407-97-6 applications

1-Bromo-5-fluoropentane, also known as CAS 407-97-6, is a chemical compound classified as an organofluorine compound. Its main application lies in its employment as an intermediary or foundational component in organic synthesis for the creation of diverse molecules. Below are few possible applications and uses of 1-Bromo-5-fluoropentane:

  1. medicinal Intermediates: 1-Bromo-5-fluoropentane serves as a useful substance for initiating or progressing the production of medicinal compounds. It can potentially pave the way for the creation of novel medications or active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).
  2. Agrochemicals: Likewise, this substance can be utilised in the production of agrochemicals, including herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides. It can serve as a fundamental component for constructing precise chemical configurations with targeted characteristics for agricultural use.
  3. 1-Bromo-5-fluoropentane can be employed in many organic synthesis procedures to incorporate a fluorine atom and a bromine atom into desired compounds. It can engage in reactions such as nucleophilic substitution, cross-coupling reactions, or other transformations to generate more intricate organic molecules.
  4. Chemical Research: 1-Bromo-5-fluoropentane can be utilised by researchers and chemists as a reagent or initial substance to create novel chemical compounds or to explore chemical reactions and mechanisms.

The usage and application of 1-Bromo-5-fluoropentane can vary based on the specific requirements of a synthesis or research endeavour. Furthermore, it is imperative to handle and utilise this substance in strict adherence to the necessary safety norms and laws, as it possesses potentially dangerous qualities.

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