ACP-105 Cas No.899821-23-9

SKU: WGP-899821-23-9

CAS 899821-23-9
MF: C16H19ClN2O
GRADE: Pharmaceutical grade
MOQ: 10G
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What is ACP-105

ACP-105 is a partial agonist of the androgen receptor and a SARM just like any other; current research on castrated rats has determined that it has quite potent anabolic activity (building muscle and bone tissue), while having minimal impact on prostate size.

These are good news as it differentiates ACP-105 from steroids and prohormones, which don’t enjoy such a high anabolic to androgenic ratio.

For example, ACP-105 has been purported to have an anabolic activity of 67%, and only 21% affecting the prostate (androgenic activity) in comparison to Testosterone.

From these figures, we can surmise the anabolic to androgenic activity of ACP-105 to be 3,19:1.

This tells us that ACP-105 is nothing special, but at least it acts as a SARM in the body.


ACP-105 Benefits

  • ACP-105 has been shown to significantly reduce neurological damage offset by the radiation. It also kept the mice performing at their former level (before exposure to radiation) much longer.
  • While this doesn’t tell us exactly if ACP-105 benefits all the items I’ve listed above, it is more than promising; but more studies need to be done to confirm these findings.
  • Besides that, ACP-105 has also been shown to increase cognition in mice, which means that it could also potentially serve as a nootropic.

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