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Ethyl phenylacetate

CAS 101-97-3


Ethyl phenylacetate is a member of benzenes. It is a less toxic, greener solvent. It is non-mutagenic.Ethyl phenylacetate was used to study the solvent-based self-healing of epoxy materials. It is also used as a flavouring agent, flavour animal feeds, and In perfumery.


Ethyl phenylacetate CAS 101-97-3 Product Information

Product Name: Ethyl phenylacetate
Synonyms: Ethyl phenylacetate Vetec(TM) reagent grade, 97.5%;Benzeneaciticacidethylester;ethyl 2-phenylacetate;Ethyl 2-phenylethanoate;Ethyl benzeneacetate;Ethyl phenacetate;Ethyl phenylethanoate;ethyl2-phenylacetate
CAS NO: 101-97-3
Molecular Weight: 164.2
Molecular Formula: C10H12O2
Boiling Point: 229 °C(lit.)
Melting point: -29 °C
Density: 1.03 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)
Appearance: colourless liquid
Purity: >98%
Solubility: Store below +30°C.
Storage: Insoluble in water

ethyl phenylacetate good scents/good scents ethyl phenylacetate

Ethyl Phenylacetate is a volatile aroma component of fruit and honey. It is a clear colourless to pale yellowish liquid with a pleasant, strong, sweet odor reminiscent of honey and a bittersweet flavor. Small amounts are used in flower perfumes and in fruit flavors.

ethyl phenylacetate uses

Ethyl phenylacetate was used to study the solvent-based self-healing of epoxy materials. It is also used as a flavoring agent, flavor animal feeds, In perfumery.Customized packaging on demand

ethyl phenylacetate synthesis/How to make ethyl phenylacetate

Ethyl phenylacetate is prepared by heating at the boil phenylacetonitrile and sulfuric acid in alcohol solution; by esterification of the acid catalyzed by HCl or H2SO4.

2-phenylacetic acid and ethyl alcohol/esterification of 2-phenylacetic acid and ethyl alcohol/product of 2-phenylacetic acid and ethyl alcohol

Ethyl phenylacetate can be prepared by the esterification of phenylacetic acid and alcohol by hydrochloric1 or sulfuric acid;2 and by the treatment of benzyl cyanide with alcohol and hydrogen chloride3 or sulfuric acid, which is much more convenient in the laboratory.

ethyl 2-phenylacetate

Ethyl phenylacetate belongs to the class of organic compounds known as benzene and substituted derivatives. These are aromatic compounds containing one monocyclic ring system consisting of benzene.

ethyl phenylacetate structure/ethyl phenylacetate formula

C10H12O2Our factory and lab

ethyl phenylacetate melting point

-29 °C

ethyl phenylacetate solubility

insoluble in water Chloroform (Slightly), Ethyl Acetate (Slightly)

ethyl phenylacetate boiling point

224.8±9.0 °C at 760 mmHg

ethyl phenylacetate pka


ethyl phenylacetate molecular weight



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