CompoundsOrganic CompoundsEthyl phenylacetate CAS 101-97-3

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Ethyl phenylacetate

CAS 101-97-3

Molecular Formula: C10H12O2

Molecular Weight: 164.2


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Ethyl phenylacetate CAS 101-97-3 Product Information

Product Name: Ethyl phenylacetate
Synonyms: Ethyl phenylacetate Vetec(TM) reagent grade, 97.5%;Benzeneaciticacidethylester;ethyl 2-phenylacetate;Ethyl 2-phenylethanoate;Ethyl benzeneacetate;Ethyl phenacetate;Ethyl phenylethanoate;ethyl2-phenylacetate
CAS NO: 101-97-3
Molecular Weight: 164.2
Molecular Formula: C10H12O2
Boiling Point: 229 °C(lit.)
Melting point: -29 °C
Density: 1.03 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)
Appearance: colourless liquid
Purity: >98%
Solubility: Store below +30°C.
Storage: Insoluble in water

What is Ethyl phenylacetate CAS 101-97-3

Ethyl phenylacetate, identified by the CAS number 101-97-3, is an organic chemical renowned for its delightful fragrance. The following are the essential aspects of this compound:

1. Chemical Structure and Formula:

  • The molecular formula of ethyl phenylacetate is C10H12O2.
  • The compound is composed of an ethyl ester group (CH3CH2O-) connected to a phenylacetic acid moiety (C6H5CH2COOH).

2. Physical Properties:

  • Appearance: It usually presents as a transparent or slightly yellowish liquid.
  • Aroma: It possesses a pleasant perfume that combines the sweetness, floral notes, and fruity elements, resembling the fragrance of honey or roses. This characteristic has contributed to its widespread use in the fragrance sector.
  • The boiling point of the substance is around 230-232°C.
  • Solubility: This substance can dissolve in organic solvents such as ethanol and ether, but it has only a limited ability to dissolve in water.

3. Synthesis:

Ethyl phenylacetate can be produced by esterifying phenylacetic acid with ethanol, typically using a catalyst such as sulfuric acid.

4. Applications:

  • Fragrances and Flavours: Ethyl phenylacetate is extensively utilised in perfumes, cosmetics, and flavourings due to its delightful scent. It is employed to infuse a floral and fruity aroma in diverse items.
  • Pharmaceuticals: It can function as an intermediary substance in the production of medicinal compounds, playing a role as a foundational component for the creation of more intricate molecules.
  • Solvents: It is occasionally employed as a solvent for the synthesis of diverse chemical formulations.

5. Safety and Handling:

  • Ethyl phenylacetate must be handled cautiously, employing suitable personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves and goggles.
  • The substance must be maintained in a location that is cold and dry, and kept away from things that could cause it to catch fire, as well as items that do not mix well with it, such as strong oxidising agents.
  • Although it is generally believed to have low levels of toxicity, it is important to limit exposure to prevent any irritation.

6. Regulatory Status:

It is considered safe for use in food and flavouring agents by regulatory bodies such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and is classified as generally recognised as safe (GRAS).

Essentially, ethyl phenylacetate is a highly adaptable substance recognised for its pleasant and flowery scent, which gives it significant worth in the fragrance and flavour sectors. Additionally, it serves as an intermediary substance in the process of creating pharmaceuticals and is sometimes utilised as a solvent in chemical formulations.

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