CompoundsActive IngredientsQuinine hydrochloride CAS 130-89-2

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Quinine Hydrochloride CAS 130-89-2

Molecular Formula: C20H25ClN2O2
Molecular Weight: 360.88
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Quinine hydrochloride CAS 130-89-2 Product Information

Product Name: Quinine Hydrochloride
Synonyms: QUININE  HCL;chinimetten;quininemuriate;quininechloride;QUININE HYDROCHLORIDE;Quinine  HCL & Sulfate;QUININE HCL USP/EP/BP;QUININE  MONOHYDROCHLORIDE;Quinine·hydrochloric acid;Hydrochloric acid quinine
CAS NO: 130-89-2
Molecular Weight: 360.88
Molecular Formula: C20H25ClN2O2
Boiling Point: 495.9°C at 760mmhg
Melting point: 158-160°C
Density: 1.21g/cm3
Appearance: White to off-white crystalline powder
Purity: >98%
Storage: Stored in a cool and dry well-closed container and in  ventilated area and kept away from moisture and strong light or high  temperature.

What is quinine hydrochloride?

Quinine Hydrochloride is an alkaloid that is obtained from the bark of the cinchona tree. It serves as an antimalarial medication and is the primary component of cinchona preparations that have been utilised for this purpose from prior to 1633.

Quinine hydrochloride CAS 130-89-2 usages

Quinine hydrochloride, identified by its CAS number 130-89-2, is principally employed as a drug for the treatment of malaria, an infectious disease transmitted by mosquitoes and caused by Plasmodium parasites. Here are the primary applications of it:

1. Quinine hydrochloride has traditionally been a primary treatment for malaria, especially for instances caused by Plasmodium falciparum, a type of malaria parasite that can lead to severe and life-threatening infections. Quinine functions by disrupting the proliferation and multiplication of the malaria parasites inside the erythrocytes, therefore aiding in the management and treatment of the infection.

2. Malaria Prevention: Quinine hydrochloride can be used for malaria prophylaxis in individuals travelling to places where malaria is widespread. It can be prescribed as a preventive drug to prevent malaria infection in travellers or people living in locations where malaria is common.

3. Off-Label Uses: Quinine hydrochloride may be utilised off-label to treat nocturnal leg cramps, a disorder marked by abrupt, agonising muscle contractions in the legs during sleep. Nevertheless, its utilisation for this objective has become less prevalent nowadays due to apprehensions regarding safety and the accessibility of alternative therapies.

Quinine hydrochloride must be used under the supervision of a skilled healthcare practitioner and in accordance with established treatment guidelines. Decisions regarding treatment, such as modifying the dosage and determining the length of therapy, should be made by considering criteria such as the specific kind and severity of malaria, the age and weight of the patient, their medical history, and their unique reaction to treatment. Furthermore, it is imperative to refrain from using quinine hydrochloride for self-medication in the absence of thorough medical assessment and a valid prescription.

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