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 Pyrroloquinolinequinone disodium salt



Pyrroloquinoline quinone disodium salt can act as an antioxidant and there is strong evidence that PQQ may play an important role in important pathways of cell signaling. PQQ plays a variety of physiological roles, such as promoting growth and reproduction and providing neurological and cardiovascular protection.


PQQ  CAS 122628-50-6 Product Information

Product Name: Pyrroloquinolinequinone disodium salt
Synonyms: 3-f)quinoline-2,7,9-tricarboxylicacid,4,5-dihydro-4,5-dioxo-1h-pyrrolo(di;PQQ;MFCD00151711;PQQ,Pyrrolo-quinoline-quinone disodium salt;1H-Pyrrolo[2,3-f]quinoline-2,7,9-tricarboxylic acid, 4,5-dihydro-4,5-dioxo-, sodium salt (1:2);Disodium 2-carboxy-4,5-dioxo-4,5-dihydro-1H-pyrrolo[2,3-f]quinoline-7,9-dicarboxylate;METHOXATIN DISODIUM SALT;disodium4,5-dihydro-4,5-dioxo-1h-pyrrolo(2,3-f)quinoline-2,7,9-tricarboxylat;Methoxatin (disodium salt)
CAS NO: 122628-50-6
Molecular Weight: 374.17
Molecular Formula: C14H4N2Na2O8
Appearance: reddish brown powder
Applications: PQQ was originally thought to be a bacterial cofactor. Under appropriate conditions, PQQ is able to catalyze continuous redox cycles (the ability to catalyze repeated oxidation and reduction reactions) as well as oxidative deamination (Rucker et al., 2009), so it can act as an antioxidant (Rucker et al. 2009). ). There is strong evidence that PQQ may play an important role in pathways important for cell signaling. PQQ also acts as an antioxidant. The importance of PQQ to mammalian health is evident when PQQ is omitted from the chemically defined diet. PQQ has a variety of physiological effects, such as promoting growth and reproduction, and providing neurological and cardiovascular protection. It also enhances antioxidants, learning, memory, and immune function (Rucker et al., 2009). PQQ disodium salt is thought to have similar physiological and metabolic effects to PQQ.

what is pqq disodium salt/What is pqq?

PQQ is pyrroloquinoline quinone. It is sometimes called methoxatin, pyrroloquinoline quinone disodium salt, and a longevity vitamin. It is a compound made by bacteria and is found in fruits and vegetables. PQQ in bacteria helps them digest alcohol and sugar, which makes energy.

why disodium salt of edta is used

For use as an anticoagulant, disodium or tripotassium salts of EDTA are most commonly used. The optimal concentration is 1.5 mg per ml of blood. EDTA prevents platelet aggregation and is therefore the preferred anticoagulant for platelet counts.

what is disodium salt of edta

EDTA, Disodium Salt, Dihydrate is an extensively used chelator of divalent cations such as Ca2+. EDTA (Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid) is a chelating agent, a general chemical, and a sequestrant. In molecular biology applications, it is used to minimize metal ion contaminants.

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pqq benefits/pqq supplement

Substances that help memory, attention, and learning are sometimes called nootropics. Studies show that PQQ raises blood flow to the cerebral cortex. This is the part of your brain that helps with attention, thinking, and memory. This supplement also may also memory problems in older people.

pqq reviews/pqq reddit

From reddit user A:I had a great experience with PQQ, noticeable improvement in sleep quality and wakefulness. 20mg did yield headaches so I switched to 10mg and no ill effects.

From reddit user B:I’ve been using it for 3 months, it definitely improves mental and physical energy. While there are very positive acute effects, it is one of those supplements that should have even greater benefits long term. With that said, PQQ along with CoQ10 have become a staple in my daily stack. The only downside being the cost.

From reddit user C:I use it and im a fan, the effects on sleep are most notable, but there is a mild (bodily) wellbeing and I can see why one of the japanese studies noted a trend towards contentness with life as Im feeling better the way I am than compared to over a month ago.

Been using 20mg in the past, currently using 40mg (no headaches).

How to take pqq/pqq dosage/what time of day to take pqq

There is currently no recommended dosage for PQQ. However, existing studies have administered between 5 and 20 mg a day. It is generally recommended not to exceed 80 mg a day, as high doses can result in kidney damage. Speak with your doctor to find the correct dosage for you.

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coq10 pqq/pqq coq10/pqq vs coq10/best pqq with coq10

As a result, PQQ improves energy production. It works with coenzyme Q10, a well-known compound that is also critical to mitochondrial function. What makes PQQ even more important than CoQ10 is that our cells can produce CoQ10, but they cannot produce PQQ.

pqq and covid

The literature is therefore supportive of the use of PQQ as an anti-inflammatory substance, but there is no support for its use as an anti-inflammatory agent against COVID-19 infection or the inflammatory side effects of COVID-19 vaccines.

pqq dangers/pqq side effects

The most commonly reported PQQ side effects include headaches, drowsiness and fatigue. Extremely high doses of PQQ can also be dangerous and have actually been associated with some serious and potentially life-threatening effects on health.

pqq and weight loss

PQQ reduces body fat accumulation and abates associated low-grade inflammation in a diet-induced obesity rat model.

recommended age limit of pqq intake

Food supplements containing PQQ are not intended for use by children.



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