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Potassium iodide CAS 7681-11-0

Molecular Formula: KI
Molecular Weight: 166
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Potassium iodide CAS 7681-11-0 Product Information

Product Name: Potassium iodide
Synonyms: iodic acid potassium salt;potassium,iodide;Potassium salt of hydriodic acid;EINECS 231-442-4;POTASSIUM MONOIODIDE;Potassium iodide (JP15/USP);Potassium iodide;Potassium iodide [JAN];MFCD00011355;Patassium Iodide
CAS NO: 7681-11-0
Molecular Weight: 166
Molecular Formula: KI
Boiling Point: 184 °C(lit.)
Melting point: 681 °C (lit.)
Density: 1.7 g/cm3
Appearance: White to off-white crystalline powder
Purity: >98%
Solubility: H2O: 1 M at 20 °C, clear, colorless
Storage: 2-8°C

What is potassium iodide?

Potassium iodide (KI) is a versatile chemical molecule widely employed in medicine, emergency preparedness, and various other fields for its significant applications. The chemical formula of this substance is KI, and it usually presents itself as a white, crystalline salt that closely resembles table salt. The following are the fundamental characteristics of potassium iodide:

Properties related to the behaviour of substances in chemical reactions.
Solubility: Potassium iodide exhibits a high degree of solubility in water, facilitating its administration in diverse aqueous solutions.
Stability: This substance remains stable in a majority of settings. However, it is advisable to store it in a cold and dry location, away from light and moisture, to avoid any potential degradation.

Potassium iodide has various applications.
1. Thyroid Protection: Potassium iodide is most recognised for its ability to safeguard the thyroid gland against the harmful effects of radioactive iodine. If a nuclear disaster or radiological emergency occurs, the administration of potassium iodide can be used to fully saturate the thyroid gland with stable iodine. This prevents the absorption of radioactive iodine and decreases the likelihood of developing thyroid cancer.
2. Medical Treatments: Potassium iodide is employed in the field of medicine as an expectorant, facilitating the thinning of mucus and enhancing the effectiveness of coughing. Additionally, it is employed in many therapeutic interventions for skin ailments, such as sporotrichosis, a fungal infection, and for the management of hyperthyroidism through the inhibition of thyroid hormone synthesis.
3. Nutritional Supplement: It is utilised as a dietary supply of iodine in regions with prevalent iodine deficit. Iodine is crucial for the optimal functioning of the thyroid gland, and a lack of it can result in thyroid problems such as goitre.
4. Potassium iodide is occasionally employed as a radiographic contrast agent in medical imaging to enhance the visibility of specific tissues during an X-ray examination.
5. Potassium iodide has various applications in the chemical industry. It is used as a reactant and is also included in photographic films. Additionally, it acts as a stabiliser in some types of lighting.

Security measures and preventative measures
Although potassium iodide is generally safe when taken correctly, excessive use might result in negative effects, notably impacting the thyroid gland. It is crucial to utilise it with the supervision of a healthcare professional, particularly in the context of radiological incidents or for medical ailments.

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