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Iodine CAS 7553-56-2

Molecular Formula: I2
Molecular Weight: 253.809
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Iodine ball CAS 7553-56-2 Product Information

Product Name: Iodine
Synonyms: Iodine (JP15/USP);Iode;Eranol;EINECS 231-442-4;Iodine [JAN];Diatomic iodine;LUGOL;MFCD00011355;Jood;Iodio;Jod;Iodine;IODUM
CAS NO: 7553-56-2
Molecular Weight: 253.809
Molecular Formula: I2
Boiling Point: 184 °C (lit.)
Melting point: 113 °C (lit.)
Density: 1.32 g/mL at 25 °C
Appearance: purple black spherical
Purity: >98%
Solubility: Store in a cool, ventilated, dark warehouse. Keep away from heat and fire
Storage: Store in a cool, ventilated, dark warehouse. Keep away from heat and fire

iodine balls uses

The term “iodine balls” generally refers to solid manifestations of iodine, such as iodine crystals or spherical forms of iodine that have been resublimed. These items serve multiple functions in various disciplines:
1. Water Disinfection: Iodine balls are commonly employed to sanitise water, particularly in emergency scenarios or in isolated regions where alternative water purification procedures are impractical. Iodine is highly efficient in eradicating various forms of bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens present in water.
2. Antiseptic and Medical Applications: Iodine possesses potent antiseptic characteristics, rendering iodine balls valuable for the preparation of iodine solutions employed in medical environments for the purpose of sterilising wounds, skin, and surgical instruments.
3. Chemical Reactions and Laboratory Use: Iodine is utilised in research and educational laboratories for its involvement in several chemical reactions. It serves as a reagent to detect the presence of starch, undergoing a colour change upon interaction with starch molecules. Iodine pellets can be dissolved in suitable solvents to provide iodine solutions for these specific purposes.
Iodine is utilised in the preservation of food and biological specimens due to its capacity to hinder the growth of bacteria. For example, iodine can be utilised in little amounts to conserve specimens in biological collections.
5. Photography: In the past, iodine was employed in the process of preparing specific kinds of photographic plates. Its purpose was to make the material more responsive to light.
6. Education: Iodine demonstrations, such as sublimation or its reactivity with other compounds, are frequently used in educational environments to showcase physical and chemical features.
The applications of iodine balls are contingent upon their capacity to gradually release iodine or be readily transformed into valuable iodine-infused liquids. When dealing with iodine balls, it is essential to take safety measures because iodine has corrosive qualities and can pose health dangers if breathed or if it comes into direct contact with the skin.

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