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CAS 78-67-1

MF: C8H12N4

Used as an initiator in the synthesis of highly cross-linked Poly(divinylbenzene) (PDVB) polymers.  Used as an initiator in the polymerization process of 2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate (HEMA).


AIBN CAS 78-67-1 Product Information

Product Name:2,2′-Azobis(2-methylpropionitrile)
CAS NO:78-67-1
Molecular Weight:164.21
Molecular Formula:C8H12N4
Boiling Point:281.68°C (rough estimate)
Melting point:102-104 °C (dec.)(lit.)
Appearance:white solid
Solubility:Insoluble in water

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AIBN structure

AIBN is a symmetrical molecule made up of two 2-cyanoprop-2-yl groups joined by an azo group and it has a nitrile structure, which means that it has cyanide groups (an organic group formed by a carbon and a nitrogen joined by a triple covalent bond).

AIBN solubility

water : very slightly soluble. acetone : freely soluble. methanol, toluene : soluble. ethanol : sparingly soluble.

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