API China 2021 we meet you in Wuhan!

The 87th China International Pharmaceutical API will be held on October 12 - 14th at Wuhan International Expo Center.
The 87th China International Pharmaceutical API/Intermediate/Packaging/Equipment Fair (API China) and the 25th China International Pharmaceutical (Industry) Exhibition and Technology Exchange Conference (CHINA-PHARM) will be held on October 12 – 14th at Wuhan International Expo Center.
After more than 40 years of development in China, API China has become a well-known celebration for all companies and enterprises in the pharmaceutical industry. This is where you will meet decision-makers from qualified manufacturers and trading companies, professional experts from major-related associations and policymakers in the pharmaceutical industry, arriving from 34 provinces across China.
2021 is a critical period for the transformation of China’s pharmaceutical industry. China’s pharmaceutical industry is undergoing profound changes, with the development of generic drugs and many medical reform measures such as the normalization and refinement of volume-based procurement.
  • On the policy side, pharmaceutical companies need to pay close attention to changes in Pharmacopoeia, ICH, PIC/s.
  • On the production side, pharmaceutical companies need to optimize the supply chain and improve the continuous, digital, and efficient pharmaceutical process.
  • On the supply side, with the advancement of the related review and approval of the original auxiliary packaging and pharmaceutical preparations, pharmaceutical companies and original auxiliary packaging suppliers need to maintain continuous and efficient communication, and carry out product associations and changes to ensure a stable supply. The level of intensification ensures a stable supply of medicines.
  • on the product side, preparation companies need to pay attention to the research and development of innovative drugs, especially biological preparations, improved new drugs and complex preparations, and enrich their product lines through joint development or outsourcing.

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