BodybuildingDo you need a PCT for RAD140?

1.What is RAD140 (Testolone)?

RAD140 popularly known as Testolone is an investigational selective androgen receptor modulator. Compounds like these are said to have a unique mechanism behind them.

They work by selectively binding to the androgen receptors. By binding to these receptors, it starts boosting performance. It’s said to be highly effective at increasing lean muscle growth, and strength and accelerating recovery.RAD 140 is a type of investigational Selective Androgenic Receptor modulator (SARM) that has all the positive effects of an anabolic steroid but eliminates its harmful effects.

It was initially made for preventing muscle loss and it is still in the developing stage as many researchers believe it can be used in the future as a treatment for different health-related problems like breast cancer. People may also think about why to use SARMs over Steroids. The main reason is that SARMs are very careful in selecting the androgenic receptors existing in bones and muscle tissues and they work specifically for each androgenic receptor whereas steroids do not.

2. Do you need a PCT for RAD140?

PCT stands for post-cycle therapy, indicating substances used after your initial cycle with SARMs or steroids.

When you introduce an outside source of Testosterone into your body, it shuts off your natural Testosterone production in the testes.

This does not pose a problem while you are on a cycle as you are getting Testosterone from the compound you are imbuing, but once you stop, your body needs time to recognize the fact that no new Testosterone is being produced.

This puts your body into a Testosterone deficit which causes a myriad of side effects to be experienced, such as loss of libido, depression, and mood swings.

To counteract these drawbacks, we introduce PCT into our regime, in order to once again stimulate natural Testosterone production in your body.

3. How to PCT for RAD140?

There are two SERMs that come into mind when it comes to doing PCT for RAD140, those being Nolvadex and Clomid. The former is a bit weaker compared to Clomid and since the suppression experienced by RAD140 is quite high, I recommend that you take Clomid as your PCT supplement of choice.

4. How long does it take for RAD140 to work?

How Long Does It Take For RAD140 To Kick In? On average, it takes a minimum of one week for it to kick in fully. Some might experience the effects sooner, whereas, for others, it could take a few days longer.

5.RAD140 dosage

No PCT RAD140 Cycle

In an ideal world, bodybuilders would opt for 5mgs a day, and be satisfied with the albeit slower results, but in return would not have to do PCT. If you really want to do RAD140 without having to do PCT, you are best off limiting your usage to eight weeks and imbuing no more than 5mgs of RAD140 a day.

If that becomes the case, you will have to lower your dosage even further, down to as low as 2.5mgs a day.

PCT RAD140 Cycle, if you have been doing less than 10mgs per day:

Week RAD140 PCT(Clomid)
1-8 Less than 10mgs per day /
8-12 / 25mgs per day

PCT RAD140 Cycle, if you have been doing 10mgs or more per day:

Week RAD140 PCT(Clomid)
1-8 Less than 10mgs per day /
8-10 / 50mgs per day
10-12 / 25mgs per day

6. RAD140 for sale

RAD140 powder Cas1182367-47-0 is available online from different RAD140 manufacturers. Most users of RAD140 buy from different websites, some for retail or wholesale purposes.

Verify the legitimacy of every RAD140 manufacturer using outlined state laws before purchase.



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