YK-11 CAS 1370003-76-1


Product  NameYK-11
CAS NO1370003-76-1
Molecular FormulaC25H34O6
Molecular Weight430.53
Melting point 134-137C
Boiling Point564.450.0 C(Predicted)
Flash Point242.530.2 C
Density 1.220.1 g/cm3(Predicted)
GradePharmaceutical Grade
SolubilityChloroform (Slightly), Methanol
AppearanceCrystalline Solid
Storageat room temperature and out of direct sunlight
Packing and ShippingPacking: Drum / Aluminum Foil  Bag / According to customer's requiement                                                          Shipping: 3-5 working days after receive payment, by  Fedex,UPS,EMS,DHL,Sea and air transport
UsageIt can block myostatin and  increase lean body mass, which is equivalent to the effect of testosterone,  but does not suppress internal aid.

YK11(1370003-76-1) Description

YK11 is a new synthetic steroid based on 5--dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a hormone naturally found in the human body. DHT is a stronger form of testosterone that targets androgen receptors in the prostate, sex organs, hair, and liver.

YK11 is gaining interest from bodybuilders, who believe it can help them quickly build muscle with minimal side effectsa belief which is not founded in the available science. The YK molecule has more in common with steroids than SARMs, although its often mistakenly labeled as a non-steroidal SARM .

YK11(1370003-76-1) Mechanism of Action

A recent cell study uncovered YKs unique muscle-building mechanism: increasing follistatin levels. Follistatin is a naturally occurring protein that suppresses myostatin, which otherwise prevents muscles from getting too large. In comparison, no other SARMs show myostatin inhibition .

YK11 may also increase bone growth by affecting a DHT-like pathway, according to other cellular studies. However, it is unclear whether this mechanism would transfer to living animal or human systems .

YK11(1370003-76-1) Application

According to preliminary cell studies, YK11 may increase muscle mass and enhance bone health.

Some bodybuilders who have experimented with YK11 report great muscle gains and fat loss with minimal side effects. However, there are currently not even any animal studies of YK11 and its safety profile is unclear.

YK11(1370003-76-1) Side Effects & Warning

YK11 has only been studied in cells so far. Theres no clinical information on side effects. Not even animal studies have been carried out yet.

In a cell study, YK11 increased the levels of follistatin. High follistatin may increase the risk of esophagus, stomach, skin, and prostate cancer. On the other hand, a human study suggests that high follistatin may be beneficial for breast cancer.

The chemical structure of YK11 is very similar to other steroids that are toxic to the liver. YK11 may have toxic effects on the liver as well .

Theoretically, it may also affect the prostate, hair growth, vocal cords, and other organs.


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